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Jillann Gabrielle has a special love and knack for teaching acting skills to those who are seriously interested in pursuing a professional career. She has had tremendous success in preparing students for auditions for entrance into A-level acting schools such as New York University and The American Academcy of Dramatic Arts. So far she has 100% success.

Jillann has studied acting at: The Actor’s Center, The Steven Ivcich School of Acting, The TV Actor’s Studio (Chicago), Janet Louer (on camera), The Audition Center, The Players’ Workshop of the Second City, and as an undergraduate at Dominican University.

Being the consummate performer/producer, Jill has special insight into what is needed to complete the package for future success “in the business.” For more information on Jill’s professional background and experience, please check out Jill’s “bio” webpage.

Sessions are ususally private and pay as you go. But as necessary, Jill brings together students who need the experience of working with fellow actors to complete their education in preparation for auditions and role preparation.

  • Acting Training

    • Getting in touch with emotions
    • Utilizing emotions
    • Focusing emotions on the script
    • Timing
    • Making it “real, truthful, honest”
    • Body language
    • Movement
    • Developing charisma
  • Audition Preparation

    • Finding the proper monologues
    • Monologue preparation
    • Scene study
    • Breaking though blocks to performing consistently well
    • Building confidence
  • Speech Training

    • Breath management
    • Resonance
    • Projection
    • Diction
    • Pace

    CALL 1-(708) 829-5050



    Midwest Studio

    Chicago’s Near Western Suburbs
    1958 N. Oak Park Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60707

    Call for appointment times.

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