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Jill is an accomplished actress, singer, and performer who has been teaching others how to perform at their optimum for over twenty-five years. In this regard, Jill has taught acting and voice to both beginning and advanced students at Columbia College and Riverside/ Brookfield High School.

She regularly holds private and group lessons helping her students with vocal repair, breath control, and performance techniques. She also understands why people get uptight and nervous, and helps them unlock the key to becoming more confident and collected during performances. Ultimately she gives them the tools to develop "charisma."

Jill produces and performs numerous shows every year and produces many studio recordings in the voiceover and demo markets. She has performed for her own company, Paradise Productions, and many others including The Wheaton Symphony, Illinois Theatre Center, Circle Theatre, and Buffalo Theatre Ensemble. In total, Jill has performed for over 100 senior groups, 30 banks, 200 woman's organizations, 10 colleges, and 15 libraries. Other notable clients include: Hyundai Corporation, The Chicago Yacht Club, Loyola University Medical Center, and the Leukemia Research Foundation.

She can be seen performing her unique dinner show “The Uptown/Downtown Diva” (at Palaggi’s Restaurant and Trattoria Peppino and other selected Chicagoland venues) in which she is glamorous and funny as she showcases her dual talents as an operatic and Broadway singer and shares the stage with some of her “star” students and other

Currently Jillann is developing and investigating a number of projects for Broadway. Her collaborator is Erv Raible, Executive Director of Cabaret & Concert Artists International and Executive/Artistic Director of The Cabaret Conference At Yale University.

Jill received her Bachelor of Music, cum laude, from Dominican University and also did three years of post-graduate work at Indiana University. She studied acting at: The Actors' Center, The Steven Ivcich School of Acting, The Audition Center, The Players' Workshop of The Second City, and TV Actors' Studio. She also studied privately with Jim Andelin (voiceover), and Janet Louer (on-camera).

After years of working with actors and singers, Jill has now begun to work with attorneys, helping them improve their "performance" in the courtroom, with clients, opposing counsel, and peers. Jill believes that just as actors can be trained, so can attorneys. Her work with attorneys includes proven techniques to: gain confidence, improve speaking skills, improve skills in relating to others. She uses role-playing exercises and other techniques to help attorneys develop confidence and flair. She incorporates breath control, mirroring, and centering techniques, and regularly focuses on changing one's state for optimum performance. These techniques, combined with Jill's philosophies and encouragement, will assist attorneys in exuding confidence, performing well under fire, and connecting with juries, clients, and partners. With Jill's assistance, any lawyer can become a more polished, better version of his/her best.

Vocal Technique

-breath management-


-projection -



-body language-

-posture and carriage-

-facial expression-




-getting in touch with emotions-

-using emotions-

-building and using energy-







-eye contact-


-breaking through blocks-

-taking command-

-building confidence-

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