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Using the audience and some of her own talented, highly accomplished students, Jill imbues the audience (usually middle school aged kids) with what it takes to become a great singer. Through example, audience participation (group and solo), Jill's engaging, dynamic, and quick witted personality captures and holds their attention while the fundamentals of great singing start to take root!

I. vocal technique - usually learned through voice lessons...lots of them

breath management; relaxing tongue, jaw neck and back of throat; proper opening; proper posture; resonance, placement; diction

good memory

II. stage presence/experience

getting in touch with your own emotions and communicating them

appropriate movement
the right songs for your voice
lots of practice

preparing for performances

lots of performing experience

III. marketing/image

developing your product - you: your talent, your look, your connections

as good a look/image as you can develop

an image/personality that the public likes


finding your niche/creating a vehicle/utilizing vehicles already in existence

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