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Jillann Gabrielle has been performing and teaching voiceover since early on in her teaching and performing career. She studied Voiceover with noted teacher and actor James Andelin. To read more about Jill's experience and qualifications, please check out her "bio" web page.

Voiceover is acting for and with the voice only. Trained and/or experienced stage and screen actors can have a natural "leg up" into the business. But the voiceover industry utilizes other performers besides visual and stage actors. Radio "announcer" types can also be successful in the industry....or anyone with the "ear" and "sense" can be successful...with the proper training.

Voiceover training sessions are private lessons. After a proper course of study, which varies with the individual, Jill contracts a professional studio to record a voiceover CD which serves as the audition for agents, audio/visual houses, and corporations.

Training includes:

  • learning to procure "spots" and narration material for study and demo use

  • acting training

    • getting in touch with emotions
    • utilizing emotions
    • focusing emotions on the script
    • timing
    • philosophy of "spot" writing
  • speech training

    • breath management
    • resonance
    • projection
    • diction
    • pace
  • mic technique

  • recording CD demo

    • procuring, writing, rehearsing and putting together
      CD demo material
    • recording demo in a professional studio produced by Jill
    • guidance in putting together CD cover material
    • CD duplication and distribution
    • audition preparation

    CALL 1-(708) 829-5050



    Midwest Studio

    Chicago’s Near Western Suburbs
    1958 N. Oak Park Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60707

    Call for appointment times.

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